Top 10 Domain Hosting CA 2021

Web hosting should be the last thing you have to worry about, and with these companies, buying domain names or even finding a cheap domain is a piece of cake. We've reviewed domain registrars, domain hosting companies and more. Everything you need to know about web hosting in Canada is right here, for the simplest route to the best domain for your website. 

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What do I need to know about domain registration? 

With over a billion websites out there on the world wide web, it’s important to have a good way to navigate the internet. While each website has a string of numbers called an IP address allowing the computer servers themselves to differentiate between the different websites and move traffic around the net, we mere humans need something a little easier and more memorable. Domain names are therefore the way we name our websites, and buying domain names simply means we have ownership over that website address, or more accurately, leasehold over it, until the term runs out. At that point the best domain hosting will allow us to seamlessly renew our domain name. 

How do I buy a domain name? 

The first step in building a website therefore, should be choosing your domain name. This should be unique and easy to remember, but also be related to the website you are building, which will help search engines like Google send the right traffic your way. Once you’ve made your mind up on a name, head to a domain registrar. Often you can find domain hosting companies, who offer a free domain or a cheap domain alongside your website hosting. This may be free for one year, or free for the entire life of your hosting with them. Make sure to find out what costs you incur in the future as well as immediately before you sign up. 

What extras are associated with the best domain hosting?

Other domain extras that hosting can offer you vary from company to company. Some to look out for are, 

  • Email addresses at your domain. This adds a great professional touch to a business, and is a fun extra for any personal website too. You should be able to choose the format, for example
  • Parked domains. Automatically reroute other website addresses to your main website, similar to an alias. 
  • Add-on domains. Using the same control panel, you can support and manage other domains which you own, without visitors knowing they are connected in any way.
  • Subdomains. These are other pages on your website which exist on the same domain. For example or      

What if I already have a domain? 

If you are happy with an existing domain name, you will likely want to hold onto it. Your google ranking and domain authority will be linked to that domain name, and it can seem arduous and unnecessary to start from scratch. But if you would like to find the best domain hosting without buying a domain name which is new, you can. This is called domain transfer. Look out for a company which allows you to transfer your domain free of charge, and with no downtime to your site if possible.